Sunday, February 6, 2011


                                             this guy's leather saddle was really beautiful

                                     such an abundance of water - this is in the town of marquelia

                                           Arthur - this is seen all day long and we think of you in Somerset !!!

                                                        GUERRRO = ENDLESS RIVERS

we are now in the state of oaxaca !!!  the trip down was different today - we noticed a dramatic change in both temps

it got hotter and hotter as we drove

and as soon as wel crossed the stateline from gerrero to oaxaca, we saw that:

GUERRERO has rivers everywhere, mangoes and more mangoes, trees in general cover every spot of land for the most part, rivers abound

as soon as you cross into oaxaca......the rivers seem to suddenly disappear, all plants seemed brown and dead and dry trees ??????

the town of pinotepa is where we are in a lovely hotel called san antonio - 350 peso room includes air conditioning (300 pesos = room with a fan) and internet in the room. which is not true as i am sitting in the lobby cause i cant get a connection in the room. les, who is doing ALL the driving (it must a a Polish thing) is out cold.  we average 5 hours of hard driving minimum.  thank goodness for our gps but even she gets lost .... as soon as we hit oaxaca, she began going a bit haywire. since the map we have doesnt even show the road we took, I am not surprised.

I am pleased to report that all the roads are excellent for the most part. some have small potholes, almost all of them have some roadwork, but they are all easily driven.  toll roads are freeways that take you from A to B with no views. so we are totally enjoying the mostly non-toll raods ....

however, i MUST NOT FORGET to mention the topes.  they come unannounced and really send you flying into the air....impossible to avoid.....scary stuff, really scary at times.

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